Urnex K-Cup Descaler and Cleaner - Simple 2 Step - Professional K-Cup Coffee Maker Cleaning System Use With Keurig


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Urnex’s CleanCup Cleaning and Descaling Kit includes everything you need
to clean and descale your Keurig K-Cup machine. The cleaning capsule
removes bitter-tasting coffee oils and residue from the brew chamber of
your K-Cup machine, while the descaling liquid removes calcium deposits
and lime scale build up. Together, the cleaning capsule and descaler
help extend the life of your K-Cup machine and deliver a cup of coffee
that tastes better and is less bitter. The kit includes a single use
cleaning capsule and a single use bottle of descaling liquid. About
Urnex: Since 1936 Urnex has been a staple of the coffee industry with
its cleaning products used, loved and recommended by coffee shops,
baristas and coffee connoisseurs.

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