Super Soft, Absorbent and Luxurious Baltic Linen 10-piece Luxury Cotton Towel Set Turquoise


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This Baltic Linen 10-piece Towel Set is soft, luxurious and absorbent. It is made with cotton that was grown in the USA. The manufacturers support America's farmers, growers and producers of cotton. The cotton towel set is produced with a high-quality 16 singles yarn for superior quality. This set has everything you need for your bath, shower, spa or anywhere else you need quality towels. It is also a good starter set for a new home, apartment or dorm. It comes with two bath sheets, two bath towels, two hand towels and four washcloths. A variety of colors is available, so you can choose what best matches the decor of the bathroom in your home or apartment. Use the Baltic Linen 10-piece Towel Set to dry off with after a shower, after a swim or after washing your hands.

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