Shimano Sellus 1-Piece Flipping Cast Rod (7-Feet 6-Inch Medium heavy)


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The Sellus series was created for the bass fisherman. We chose the most
popular actions for the hottest techniques used in today’s bass fishing.
This series offers rods for crankbait, spinnerbait, top water, worm,
jig, and flipping. We use 24-ton carbon for increased sensitivity and
its lightweight feel. The improved reel seats that will make the rod
feel comfortable and perfectly balanced in your hand.From an angling
perspective, every individual who has owned and enjoyed using Shimano
tackle has a reason to thank a Japanese visionary named Shozaburo
Shimano, who in 1921 declared “I aim to make Shimano’s products the best
in Kansai, then the best in Japan, and finally the best in the
world."For over 80 years, Shimano has concentrated on precision
engineering, one step at a time. Creating the most innovative products
and processes you can hold in your hand today.

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