Sep'S Pro Fishing 141129-Maurice Strike Master Brass/SIL Prism Fishing Equipment


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Strike master brass/Sill Prism seep's strike master brass/Sill Prism: seep's has designed the strike master Dodger as the ultimate trolling Dodger unique because it provides maximum vibrations and surging action as well as a Jerk to your bait or lure. When trolled at slow speeds, strike Masters transmit a swimming, surging action to lure or bait. Its side-to-side erratic action produces vibrations and surging that cause fish to strike early and often. flashers seep's Pro fishing seep's strike master brass/silver Prism: solid polished brass Dodger with a silver prismatic decal on the front face of the Dodger. The new uniquely engineered seep's "strike master" Dodger design is different than any other trolling Dodger on the market today because of it's unpredictable vibration and rhythmical swimming action that cause the bait/lure to jump and Surge in such a way that kokanee and trout find it irresistible. Field testing and Derby fishing results have shown that running the seep's strike master in front of your bait/lure will outperform other conventional trolling rigs by 7 to 1. There's nothing like the fishing sport to calm your frazzled nerves or relax on a nice spring day.

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