Self Cleaning Hair Brush - Easy Clean Detangle Brush - by Qwik Clean - (Pink)


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  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY - The Qwik-Clean Brush is a worldwide patented product utilizing advanced self-cleaning technology.

  • NO MORE TRAPPED HAIR - Simply squeeze buttons to retract bristles for easy hair removal and cleaning.

  • DURABLE - Stainless steel suspension, ABS base, nylon bristles, smoked silver platting and water resistant. Performed 2 meter drop test.

  • GET HEALTHIER HAIR - Bacteria build up in your brush can be harmful to your hair and may also transmit disease and parasites. The Qwik-Clean Brush styles, strengthens, smooths and creates shine by distributing oils from the scalp evenly over hair.

Quick-Qlean Brush is the world's first hair free, self-cleaning hairbrush that has taken 3 years of development to engineer a world-class hair-brush that solves a problem that billions of people experience everyday with their daily hair brushing, trapped hair. It has a simple bristle retraction system that instantly releases trapped hair to keep the brush hygienic and clean from parasites and damaging chemical build-up. We have re-designed the next-generation hairbrush from its form to its functionality that will maintain a clean brush every day and help detangle the most stubborn of hair, you'll soon say how did I live with-out this.

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