OOK 2pc 20-Pound Steel Brass Plated Triangle Ring Hangers for Pictures 3-Pack


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2 Piece, Large Brass Plated Ring Picture Hanger With nails, Mount On Back Of Frame, Mirror Or Any Other Object For Secure Hold.

Lot of 12

  • Medium
  • For frames that do not come with hanging hardware
  • Ring picture hanger with nails.
  • Can hang up to 20lbs
  • Mount on back of frame.
  • Mirror or any other object for secure hold.
  • Brass plated finish.
  • Hardware included
  • 2 piece.

Product Description

OOK Steel D Ring Hangers are designed to attach to frames that do not already have hardware. The self-leveling design helps ensure that your artwork hangs straight. Hangers can hold up to 20lbs and come with needed hardware for easy attachment to a picture frame. Pound ratings are not cumulative (meaning that two hangers will not hold double the weight, two hangers will still only hold up to 20lbs).
Ring picture hanger.-Similar to the saw tooth ring hangers.-Attach to frames that do not already have hardware.-For small frames and projects.-Hangers are self-leveling, making sure that the art work is put up straight.-Holds up to 20 lbs.-Package type: Carded. Color/Finish: -Color: Brass plated. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 4.63" H x 1.88" W x 0.63" D.

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