Mrs. Anderson?¦+s Baking Mini Brownie Serving Spatula, Flexible Stainless Steel Blade with Wooden Handle, 8-Inches


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Mrs. Anderson's Mini Spatula is perfectly sized for serving fresh baked
treats without them tearing or crumbling to pieces. A useful addition to
baking accessories, this flexible spatula features a beveled front edge
for cutting and a wooden handle for comfortable use. The offset angle
of the handle offers optimal leverage to slide under, lift and serve
baked goods, even from straight-sided bakeware. It's great for serving
brownies or blondies, bar cookies, cakes, fudge, refrigerator cake and
other no-bake recipes and transferring fresh baked cookies from baking
sheets to a cooling rack, even homemade dog treats, too! Made with a
stainless steel blade and wooden handle, it's strong and flexible. Hand
wash in warm, soapy water. Brought to you by HIC Harold Import Co.

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