Matzuo Sickle Octopus Hook (Pack of 25), Black Chrome, 6/0


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Octopus sickle HK BC 6/0 25pk; this versatile hook is used for salmon,
Steelhead, or walleye applications. Designed with an up eye offset
needle point make this a great hook in smaller sizes for fresh water and
larger sizes for saltwater. Hook of choice for rigging both fresh and
saltwater rigs. ; standard single hooks ; Matzo; smaller size hooks -
walleye, trout, pan fish. Larger size hooks - catfish, Northern Pike,
Muskie, salmon, Steelhead and all saltwater applications. The sickle
Octopus can be used with live bait, cut bait, and soft plastic. Hook
size: 6/0Quantity: 25

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