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48 pc Zander shad asst;matzuo's Zander shad finds and catches fish that have previously been uncatchable. A must have bait to add to your jerkbait arsenal. Simply crank this bait down to the fish holding depth, pause, and watch it suspend and remain suspended until the tight, tantalizing wobble creates a vicious strike. The shallow version fishes from 1-8 feet, while the deep diver can get down to 10-20 feet.;hard Baits ;Matzuo;excellent for use in larger lakes, deep weed lines and cover or simply deep trolling. Zander Shads feature highly reflective or matte fish catching colors. High quality Matzuo Red & black chrome treble hooks assure that you land what you hook. Weight: 1/2 oz., 5/8 oz. Length: 3 5/8 inch depth: 1-8', 10-20' 48-piece assortment.

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