Kardiel Trumpeter Chair, White Boucle Cashmere Wool

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Kardiel's Mid Century Classic Swan Chair Style Premium Reproduction
Features: * High density CA 117 foam for long term appearance retention *
Bouclé Fabric in a Cashmere wool blend: 35% Cashmere, 65% Poly/Dacron *
The entire chair is Hand Sewn/Stitched * High quality aluminum base in
chip and flake resistant Satin Finish * Constructed around a synthetic
“dimension true” curvature fiberglass shell * Chair Dimensions: height
29.5" at the highest point x depth 26" x width 28.3" at the widest point
* Chair Dimension: floor to seat height 16" * Constructed around a
synthetic "dimension true" curvature shell. * Smooth Contour cold
pressed foam body wrap provides a meticulously smooth contour for this
design * 360 degree swivel base * Comes complete with floor protector
foot pads The swan chair is the perfect choice for a seating option when
you want to incorporate into your spaces a modern classic organic
flowing shape. This classic icon is not only a work of art, it is
minimal in design, adding a single chair to and existing group or
grouping several chairs together easily creates an interesting
conversation and entertaining area. Mix or match the colors. This highly
accurate reproduction of the original Swan Chair features the finest in
materials. The best materials are used. From the molding of the cold
pressed foam around the fiberglass shell to every stitch, each of our
reproduction Swan Chairs are thoughtfully crafted by hand. Premium
Leather is the premier choice. Premium Leather that has been dyed all
the way through. It has no artificial top layer of anything applied. It
is soft, pliable with a texture that caresses the hand as it runs over
its surface. The porous nature of aniline leather allows it to breathe
which in turn makes it that much more comfortable and durable. The
quality that goes into a piece of furniture ensures its longevity. The
Swan Chair was originally designed in 1958 by Danish designer and
architect Arne Jacobsen for use throughout the Amsterdam Royal Hotel.
The Swan Chair is an example of a classic furniture design inspired by
the movement to adapt organic forms into our interior spaces.
Appropriate to its name, the chair resembles an artful representation of
the largest native North American bird, the trumpeter swan. The Swan
Chairs distinguished shape was created by omitting all straight lines
from its design curved surfaces. The elegant shape is generous for
lounging yet has an minimal airy appearance. History of the Original
Swan Chair Designer, Arne Emil Jacobsen Arne Emil Jacobsen Born 11
February 1902, Died 24 March 1971. Arne Jacobsen is considered one of
Denmark's most noted architects and designers. Worldwide he enjoyed
success with minimal, simple and distinct lounge chair designs. Arne has
long been considered one of the original creators of the
internationally recognized "Danish Design". His accomplishments in
architecture were significant, however his classic mid century furniture
designs are what the world will likely remember him by. The Egg Chair,
Swan Chair and Swan Sofa were designed in 1958. The original use of the
Swan Chair was a lounge piece throughout the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen,
which Arne Jacobsen was the architect. The Royal Hotel is in service to
this day. Where Cashmere Wool comes from Cashmere wool fiber is obtained
from “Cashmere goats.” Historically, fine-haired Cashmere goats have
been called Capra hircus laniger, as if they were a subspecies of the
domestic goat Capra Hircus. Cashmere goats produce a double fleece that
consists of a fine, soft undercoat or under-down of hair mingled with a
straighter and much coarser outer coating of hair called Guard Hair. For
the fine under-down to be sold and processed further, it must be
de-haired. De-hairing is a mechanical process that separates the coarse
hairs from the fine hair. After this separating process the resulting
premium “cashmere” is ready to be dyed and converted into yarn.

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