Fishbites Paddle Tail Electrical Candy Fishing Bait, 3-Inch, Pink


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The Fish bites 3" Paddle Tail is the perfect bite-sized snack for all predatory species. This small lure is well suited to many different situations and will take fish in both salt and freshwater. Made from the powerful 'Fish bites Formula', the 3" Paddle Tail features a super strong 'tail-beating' action. You can really feel this lure vibrating strongly through the rod throughout the retrieve. Best fished with either a slow roll, gentle lift and drop, or a sharp twitch and pause retrieve. The 3" size and profile is a brilliant imitation of a small paddy mullet, making this lure an ideal choice for Flathead of all sizes, big Bream, Estuary Perch, Bass, Yellowbelly, Trout, Snapper, Barra, Jacks, Trevally and just about every other fish species that snacks on tiny baitfish.

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