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Fish bites - bloodworms 3/8 FA; bag o'worms is far and away Fish bites' hottest seller-transforming the most longstanding and popular fishing technique. Now it's available in a fast acting formula (a.K.A. Coldwater). as the name on the Red bag suggests, these Baits dissolve faster so the scent permeates the water quicker -this is especially true when the water gets below 65F. The Bloodworm scents will catch a wide variety of saltwater species. Available in solid Red only. Species caught with Fish bites bag O' Worms include: spot, croaker, Red drum, black drum, trout, striper, sheepshead.; prepared/jarred Baits ; Fish bites; soft gel works great in cold water (below 65F). great for sight fishing. Helps break seasonal lockjaw. Each bag of large contains three 3/8"W x 12"l bait strips.

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