Fante's Cousin Nico's Rotary Cheese Grater, 2 Drums and Suction Base


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Fantes Cousin Nico’s Suction-Base Cheese Grater for grating and shredding. Fresh ingredients are tastiest when prepared immediately before use, like cheeses, nuts, vegetables and chocolates. Cousin Nico’s Cheese Grater with 2 stainless steel drums makes food preparation a breeze and performs the tasks of multiple kitchen tools in one. Simply select the correct drum for the task. Use Drum ‘A’ to finely grate hard cheeses, like Asiago, Parmesan, Pecorino or Romano, or nuts, breadcrumbs and block chocolate and shred vegetables. Drum ‘B’ works like a cheese shredder, to coarsely grate semi-soft cheeses, like cheddar or firm mozzarella, and shred vegetables. Insert the drum into the grater body. Place the handle into the threaded end of the drum and turn until snug. Set the Grater’s suction base onto a clean, smooth surface and flip the locking mechanism for secure and skid-free operation. To grate or shred food, simply place it into the hopper and turn the handle, like a rotary cheese grater, and use a firm pressure. Use the safety pusher to guide food through and keep fingers out of harms way. Cousin Nico’s Cheese Grater disassembles for easy cleaning. Hand wash all parts in warm, soapy water. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Make sure to drain the suction base well. Pull the rubber base away from the Grater body about ¼-inch, and allow it to air dry thoroughly before storing. Includes Suction-Base Grater, 2 stainless steel drums, a safety pusher, and Fante’s family recipes with complete instructions.

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