Elite Home Cozy Nightz Reversible Down Alternative Machine Washable Comforter, King, Zebra/Black


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Cozy Nightz High Loft Reversible Down Alternative Comforter-We've designed the Cozy Nightz Down Alternative comforter with one thing in mind. To be the highest quality and most affordable comforter that you will ever own. We've combined the latest technology with luxury finishes to create this amazing comforter that is a must have. Our specially engineered 100-percent Silicon polyester fiberfill creates amazing loft and enhanced insulation properties that feel like real down, resulting in the optimum-sleeping environment. The reversible comforter shell is constructed from 100-percent brushed polyester microfiber. The benefits to you are a comforter that has a soft nap and is refreshingly smooth next to your skin. Baffle box square quilting is added to keep the fill from shifting or bunching. A decorative and functional corded edge and double row stitching provides an added level of strength and quality. Corner anchor loops are sewn into the comforter making it perfect to use with your favorite duvet cover if you wish. King size comforter measures 104-by-90 Inch. For added convenience this comforter is machine washable.

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