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SEX APPEAL PERFUME. Dream Love 1000 is a very seductive and sexy perfume for women, proven to attract and boost the sex appeal to men.

LUXURY SEDUCTIVE PERFUME. It is an infusion of the world famous white musk from England with an attraction ingredient which brings about and has been proven to attract men by increasing and activating the attentive and attraction receptors of men. HIGH QUALITY, MADE IN ENGLAND. Dream Love 1000 has made its mark on over 5 million women who have seen the products effects first hand since its launch in 1999.

BALANCED LOVABLE SCENT. It has that intoxicatingly seductive yet soft, floral and flirty scent that lingers the whole day. Some even call it their secret love potion as it usually leaves a trail of men following its path.

THE REAL ATTRACTION PERFUME. The enthralling composition of the special attractant from South East part of the world perfectly compounded together with the world known white musk from England enhances and captivates, is what makes Dream Love 1000 a perfume that has a “REAL” “attraction” perfume making all myths a reality.

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