Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinner, 3/8-Ounce, Bleeding Silver


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The Blue Fox Classic Vibrax is a time-honored and time-tested inline spinner from the eminent trout, salmon, and steelhead lure maker, Blue Fox. The Classic Vibrax offers a proven combination of flash and low-frequency vibration that triggers savage strikes while virtually eliminating line twists. These Bleeding Series Vibrax feature combinations of Chrome Blue, Gold, and Silver finished Vibrax bells matched with red spinner blades to create the visual illusion of a dying baitfish moving through the water, just asking to become some lucky trout's snack. The Classic Vibrax is designed to run between 2 and 6 feet (depending on water current, type of line used, and lure weight). Available in 6 blade size and weight combinations that range from a size 0 blade lure that weighs 7/64 ounce, up to a size 6 blade lure that weighs 5/8 ounce.

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