Big Hammer 148531-Maurice Ring Hammer 241 Magic Bug Fishing Equipment


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Ring hammer 241 magic bug ring hammer swim baits combine the square tail action of Big Hammer swim baits with a versatile body design that can be fished as a regular swim bait, a weed less swim bait, and a soft plastic trailer. Freshwater or saltwater - tie one on and see for yourself how "nothing kicks like the tail of a big hammer". soft plastics big hammer big hammer swim baits are top quality plastic swim baits that incorporate clear colors, tough plastic, and the original Big Hammer square tail design that really kicks in the water. These great colors are proven fish catchers all over the world and can be counted on to catch fish in your favorite bass pond. Use different weight heads to swim the bait deep or shallow and different sized hooks in the heads will allow use in various body sizes. If you've heard of Big Hammer, you know their reputation for toughness. They are able to stand up to big, hard Fighting fish, and their unique action attracts fish and keeps them coming all the way to the hookup. there's nothing like the fishing sport to calm your frazzled nerves or relax on a nice spring day.

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