Big Cat Blind Tent


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As avid hunters, the team of designers and engineers at Barronett Blinds realized something. In most cases, bigger is better. Built with clever hub technology, durable fiberglass poles and high quality, unique fabric, our big blinds remain very portable and easy to put up with their simple pop-up design. Once you hunt from a Barronett Blind, you’ll never want to settle for the smaller, cramped blinds offered by our competitors.

Big blinds give you the ability to stand and stretch after patiently waiting for hours. They also allow you the option to shoot while standing, especially important with archery equipment. The animals don’t care how big the blind is, and our exclusive line of Bloodtrail camouflage patterns are specifically designed for concealment on the ground. Your quarry will have no idea you’re there until it is too late.

  • HUGE INTERIOR: 80 inches tall and 90 inches wide hub-to-hub, with a 70 inch by 70 inch footprint
  • SHOOT WHILE STANDING: Smaller footprint and 80 inch tall design allows you to shoot while standing-perfect for archery
  • LOW-PROFILE WINDOWS: Zipper-less windows for noise-free adjustment, more shooting options, and ability to shoot while standing
  • TOUGH: Durable framework with thicker, stiffer poles and strong hubs
  • EASY TO USE: Weighs only 19 lbs. for easy transportation

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