Barronett Blinds Big Cat Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind

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Ultimate concealment and clear views. Deluxe ground concealment! The 90"
x 80"h. Big Cat is quick to set up, affordable, portable and reliable.
Large and spacious enough for a small group hunt, but designed for easy
transport. It's also large enough for you to stand in, so you'll have
every opportunity for the perfect shot. Comes in 2 exclusive camo
options for a detailed, 3D illusion of outdoor foliage. It's the perfect
combination of depth and realism. With a host of other great features,
the Big Cat is an excellent shelter for your next hunt. Durable
framework and strong hubs; Thicker, stiffer poles; Shooting options with
low-profile windows; Ability to shoot while standing; Zipperless
windows for noise-free adjustment; Replaceable, shoot-through mesh camo
windows for broadhead use; 2 ports for gun hunting; Rugged 5-hub design
for easy setup / take-down. Simply pop up and hunt; Huge interior room
is 90" x 80"h.... that's 7'6" x 6'8"h.!; Big Cat 350 Hub Hunting Blind

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