Balls O' Fire Yellow Jackets Salmon Egg Bait, 1.5-Ounce


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The Guide's Choice for tying spawn sacks in the Great Lakes, British
Columbia and Canada's Lake Ontario, Pautzke' s Yellow Jackets are one of
our most versatile eggs. The No. 1 egg that resembles natural spawn,
Yellow Jackets are similar to brown trout, rainbow trout and steelhead
eggs. They are aimed at catching more fish with an unparalleled natural
presentation. Dynamite when faced with clear and low water, Yellow
Jackets are the worlds most effective egg for finicky trout and
steelhead. Part of our world famous Balls O' Fire line-up, Yellow
Jackets are similar to Orange Deluxe salmon eggs as they strive to
retain characteristics of natural colored eggs found in lakes, streams
and reservoirs in North and South America and Europe. Yellow Jackets
carry a natural yellow tint to them and come swollen with secret juices
trout can't defy. Whereas our red salmon eggs have been the staple for
more than 75 years, natural colored eggs have gained popularity in
today's market where anglers are trying new combinations of colors to
overcome increased fishing pressure and master adverse water conditions.
Yellow Jackets are applicable in canals, ponds, streams, rivers,
brooks, creeks and anywhere else trout, salmon or steelhead are found.

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