Apex walleye rig assortment


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  • Number one in fishing sports.
  • Manufactured in the country of China.
  • Made of the highest quality material.
  • Imported from USA.

Walleye Hollo spinner rig Assort; the combination of a Prism spinning coupled with a Minnow has proven to be a classic combination for bass, walleye and even trout in most freshwater situations. Minnow rigs feature a 48 inch Snell on 12-pound test,
a Colorado blade and Matzuo sickle hook.; spin Baits/spinner Baits ; Apex; cast and retrieve or set up while trolling for best effect. Spinning Prism reflects light from the surface for an eye-catching, strike-inducing display. 6 per pack. Single hook. Walleye Hologram assortment.

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